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Benefits of Car hire excess waiver insurance and why by planning ahead you could save yourself thousands of pounds

Whenever a vehicle is hired the renter pays for supplementary insurance which provides cover in the event of an accident or theft of the rented vehicle or damage to another individuals person or property.

Typically car hire insurance from a rental company comes with an excess and in the case shown here, for a two week rental in Europe, the client is liable for the first £1496 pounds of any claim if the vehicle is stolen and the first £792 of any claim if the vehicle is damaged in any way. This explains why your credit card is swiped when you hire a vehicle, as its to ensure that you have sufficient funds available too cover potential excess exposure. 

The comprehensive single trip and annual multi trip car hire excess waiver insurance featured on our site covers the policyholder by reducing these excess costs to zero on insurable events that may occur during the rental period.  In addition it covers the insured for extra incidents such as misfueling, loss of keys. medical emergencies, baggage cover etc. This cover also insures items normally excluded from the car hire companies insurance including such items as windscreens or windows, roof, tyres and the under body. 

Now you can purchase extra top insurance ( excuding personal injury cover)from the car hire rental company but as in the example here, you can see that you are looking at an additional £20.76 a day which for a two week rental amounts to an extra £290.67  Compare that to our cover which comes in at a flat  £1.95 a day for rentals in Europe and  £2.95 for rentals in destinations further afield. Thats only  £27.30 for two weeks cover in Europe and a saving of over £263.37! See below for the full levels of cover of our cover.

Description of cover
Excess reimbursement: Covers for any physical loss or damage to the rental vehicle for which you are responsible. This includes loss or damage to windscreens or windows, roof, tyres and the under body, fire, theft, vandalism and loss of use of the rental vehicle. Includes £500 towing costs
Personal accident: Covers against accidental death, loss of limb(s), sight or hearing or permanent total disablement when mounting or dismounting from any rented vehicle or he/she is injured by another vehicle when travelling in the rented vehicle
Baggage cover: You are covered up to £500 (£150 single item limit) for the theft of or damage to your personal possessions, provided such items are secured in your hire vehicle in either the locked boot or glove box only and there is evidence of forcible and violent entry to the vehicle.
Key cover: You are covered up to £2000 total (£500 per claim), for replacing a lost or stolen rental car key including the cost of replacement locks and locksmith charges.
Curtailment of rental: You are covered up to £300 if a car rental of 7 days or more is cancelled or cut short on the advice of a physician. The insured must be confined to a bed in a hospital, in a hotel or in private accommodation during such time that the car rental was booked and paid for.
Drop off charges: You are covered up to £300 for drop off charges incurred if there is no insured persons available on the car rental agreement to return the rental car to the originally intended car rental depot following an accident/illness resulting in hospitalisation.
Lock out: You are covered up to £100 in the event that you are unintentionally locked out of a rented vehicle with the keys inside. Cover applies to necessary costs incurred to open the car without causing any further damage.
Miss-fuelling: You are covered up £500 if you put the wrong type of fuel into the hired vehicle. Cover will pay for 1) Flushing the engine of the incorrect fuel. 2) Additional travel expenses and 3) Vehicle recovery
Road rage cover: You are covered up £1000 if you suffer a physical assault by another person which results in bodily injury as a direct result of an accident that has involved your rental vehicle.
Car jacking cover: You are covered up £1000 if you suffer a physical assault by another person which results in bodily injury as a direct result of the theft or attempted theft of your rental vehicle.